Meloni replies to Landini: “Cdm May Day to honor workers”

The premier defined those of the CGIL secretary as “incomprehensible words” who had argued over the decision to organize a Council of Ministers on the day dedicated to workers

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, responding to the controversies raised by the CGIL secretary regarding the decision to convene a Council of Ministers on May 1st, replied as follows: “The words of the Cigl secretary Maurizio Landini on the Council of Ministers convened on May 1st to launch measures on work. I believe it is a good signal, however, for those of us who are privileged, to honor with our commitment, on this day of celebration, the workers and the answers they await”. (THE CLASH ON THE WORKS DECREE)

“Is it bad to work on May Day? Then no concert”

“I would like to remind Landini’s secretary that on May Day there are many people who work, from waiters to doctors, from the forces of order to the technicians who allow the concert to take place in Piazza San Giovanni”, continued Giorgia Meloni, who reserved a further jab at the secretary: “If Landini really thinks it is harmful to work on May Day, then the concert should be organized on another day. We don’t think so and we respect the initiative of the triple, just as we ask for respect for our Work”.

Bombers: “Cdm May Day is an act of propaganda”

The decision to convene a Council of Ministers on May 1st was defined by the UIL leader, Pier Paolo Bombardieri, after Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s reply to Maurizio Landini as “an act of propaganda”. “There is a problem, the Government is summoning us tonight at 7 pm on a decree on which it will probably not be possible to make changes”, says the guest of Half an hour more on RaiTre. “Perhaps – adds Bombardieri – it is because it is annoying that the narration of May Day is made only by the unions: the Government tries to go concurrently. It is a legitimate act but it is an act of propaganda”.