Meloni: “Schlein no to Atreju? Bertinotti was not afraid of dialogue”

The Prime Minister after the refusal of the Pd secretary

“I note that things have changed.” Fratelli d’Italia invited Elly Schlein, secretary of the Democratic Party, to Atreju, the event of Giorgia Meloni’s party. The Democratic leader declined the invitation. “Atreju is an open party par excellence, it was the first party to imagine comparisons even with very different leaders”, says Meloni from Zagreb. “There was a time very far from today, even in another climate, in which Fausto Bertinotti was not afraid to dialogue – despite the pride of the diversity of his own positions – with someone who was very distant from him, I note that the things have changed”, adds the Prime Minister.

“I don’t know how to interpret” the dem leader’s decision, continues the president of Fratelli d’Italia, “I have always introduced myself when I was invited and I was the one who opened the invitations to the leaders of the left when I was president of Youth Action “. “The leaders who participated in Atreju over the course of these more than 25 years were all, I remember several heads of government of the left, from the current European Commissioner (Paolo Gentiloni, ed.) to Enrico Letta. It would be one of the very few times in which someone she says no, but I don’t feel like judging her. The demonstration will take place anyway, we will overcome it”, says Meloni.

What Schlein said

“Atreju? We have to meet in Parliament. We are waiting for them there, we are faced with a government that tramples on the prerogatives of the opposition, and therefore in the meantime we are waiting for them there”, Schlein said yesterday on Piazzapulita on La7. “It seems to me that the difficulty of comparison is that Meloni has been running away for months on the minimum wage and now on the agreement with Albania” on which “they don’t think they can get away with a communication. This is not a moment in which to see each other at party parties but in Parliament”. And anyway, she joked, “I wouldn’t have anything black to wear.”

Schlein also recalls that he received no response to his appeals to Prime Minister Meloni for discussion: “I asked her to work on gender violence, putting aside the dialectical opposition majority”.