Meloni sees Weber, Fdi works in alliance with Ppe: “Vote 2024 to change everything”

At Palazzo Chigi the meeting between the premier and the president of the European People’s Party

Forward briskly towards the alliance between Conservatives and Popular. Palazzo Chigi hosts the meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the president of the European People’s Party, the German Manfred Weber, who arrived in Rome for the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. A face-to-face that takes shape precisely at the moment in which the leader of the Brothers of Italy and of the European Conservatives and Reformists seeks a side with the Populars in view of the elections for the renewal of the Old Continent’s Parliament. And, above all, while in Brussels the Qatargate storm hits the Socialists: a tempting opportunity for the Conservatives to undermine the EPP-PSE axis.

Authoritative government sources explain to Adnkronos today’s meeting between Meloni and Weber “follows work that has been going on for some time”. The first ‘brick’ was laid in January 2022, when the agreement between Popolari and Conservatori brought Roberta Metsola, a member of the EPP, to the highest seat in the European Parliament. From that moment on, the direct link between the EPP and the ECR (the Conservatives and Reformists Group) has been consolidating, also thanks to the excellent relations between Weber and Raffaele Fitto, Minister for EU Policies and Meloni’s right-hand man in the European institutions. “Added to this – observe the same government sources – is the fact that during the electoral campaign for the policies that saw the triumph of the Brothers of Italy, Weber openly sided with the centre-right”.

For the president of the EPP this is the second meeting with Meloni since the leader of the Fdi became prime minister. In fact, today’s meeting follows that of 11 November. Furthermore, today Weber also saw the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani and heard the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi on the phone: “We discussed all the problems the European Union is dealing with and we shared our concerns I was very pleased to hear from Weber the importance attributed to Forza Italia in the EPP and in Europe,” Berlusconi said in a statement.

At Fdi, we look carefully at future European scenarios. The goal is to work on an agreement with the EPP towards the 2024 vote, to create a new alliance that excludes the socialists. “The dialogue between Conservatives and Populars continues and is strengthened also thanks to the fact that the two political forces are consolidating in their respective countries”, Fdi MEP Nicola Procaccini told Adnkronos. He continues: “The 2024 vote will represent the last chance to have a European Parliament that takes the Union along the lines we have always hoped for: a model of Europe that does not humiliate the nations but takes them into due consideration; that deals with fewer things but more important. Doing less, doing better: this – underlines Procaccini – has always been our motto”.

Certainly there are hitches: “The only dystonic element in all of this – the Fdi MEP continues – is represented by the Civic Platform, the party of the former president of the European Council, Tusk, which is in opposition to Law and Justice , a party that is with us in the ECR. In October there will be elections in Poland and if this obstacle is overcome, I believe that at this point it will be even easier to imagine that things can go smoothly at the 2024 European elections”.

On Meloni’s table there is not only the EU dossier. The electoral campaign for the regional elections will also get underway soon, and after the presentation of the center-right candidate in Lazio, Francesco Rocca (indicated by Fdi), the prime minister’s party is ready to warm up its engines also in Lombardy, where the coalition supports the re-nomination of the Northern League member Lorenzo Fontana. The “Mi-Lo: Innovation, Development, Tradition” event organized by Stefano Maullu, coordinator of Fdi in Milan, will be held on 13 and 14 January in Milan, at the Testori Auditorium of Palazzo Lombardia. “A two-day seminar – we read on social media, on the event page – in which representatives of the category, institutions, civil society, representatives of the government chaired by Giorgia Meloni will illustrate their point of view, ideas and convergences for the Greater Milan, the heart of the Lombard system and an essential element of the Italian system”. Meloni could intervene at the kermesse on Saturday, via video link or in person. (by Antonio Atte)