Meloni, the companion: “We will not move to Palazzo Chigi, priority is to protect our daughter”

Andrea Giambruno at Adnkronos: “We want our daughter to grow up in serenity, far from realities that would mark the distance with her peers”

Giorgia Meloni will not ‘move’ to the apartments of Palazzo Chigi, of which she is preparing to take the lead. To tell Adnkronos is Andrea Giambruno, the companion of Giorgia Meloni. “No no, absolutely not – he categorically excludes – Fortunately we have a house, we have no intention of moving to Palazzo Chigi and raising our daughter Ginevra there: it would be counterproductive, it would be misleading”.

“The priority for us is to protect her – explains Gianbruno – to make her grow in the most natural way possible. We want our daughter to grow up in serenity, far from realities that would mark the distance with her peers. Then the more she will go on with the years and more. she will realize that she has a super mom, but also a story not suited to a child of her age. Now Ginevra is serene and what matters most, for Giorgia and me, is to preserve her serenity “.

“The ceremony was exciting, really very nice to see her sworn in at the Quirinale on a day that still marks an epochal change”, he says, recounting the moments he experienced at Colle this morning for the government oath. With Giambruno his daughter Ginevra was present today, six years old and very elegant for the occasion. The little girl “she was very good – her father recognizes – she at first was embarrassed: it is a context to which she is not used to, then there was a great curiosity of journalists, photographers, and she too was excited about the her mother “.

The premier spent the rest of the afternoon with her family, after taking part in the funeral of Francesco Valdiserri, the young 18-year-old who was hit and killed on the night of 20 October in Rome, in via Cristoforo Colombo, the son of a couple of well-known journalists. “A devastating moment”, says Giambruno. Then the race to school in Geneva, “to take part in the grandparents’ day. Giorgia could not miss it, she is really a super mom. And then like all women she has an edge, she is multitasking, she is able to do more things at the same time. “.

“We celebrated his arrival at Palazzo Chigi yesterday, at home, with the closest people and those we love most. The friends of all time. After all, the toast was there, it’s not like becoming Prime Minister every day “.

A premier who will travel, trying to reconcile work commitments with family ones. “Yes, I think she will start traveling a lot, but I don’t think I will follow her on a mission – he replies to those who ask him if he will travel with her – maybe I will do it on occasions when it is more suitable, foreseen by the protocol. I hope to be able to continue to do my job “, remarks Giambruno, journalist of Mediaset. (by Ileana Sciarra)