Meloni, today premier in the Senate in view of the European Council

The FdI leader is preparing for the EU summit on Thursday and Friday (March 23 and 24), in view of which she will deliver communications to the Chambers today – at 11.30 – and tomorrow. On the table the migrant dossier. Yesterday telephone call with the German Chancellor Scholz

The new Stability Pact must guarantee the flexibility of European funds, and an agreement must be found on this. While the opposition and Brussels are pressing for Italy to ratify the Mes, Giorgia Meloni considers this step crucial and will reiterate it at the European Council on Thursday and Friday (23 and 24 March), in view of which she will give the communications to the Chambers today – at 11.30 , in the Senate – and tomorrow (THE MIGRANT SPECIAL OF SKY TG24).

Talks with Piantedosi and Scholz

Meloni is preparing the European summit these days: he met the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi, to talk about the migrant dossier. For the government, on the one hand, it is a priority to help Tunisia, which awaits funding from the IMF, on the verge of a crisis which, the executive fears, could generate a wave of migrants. On the other hand, as the Prime Minister will reiterate, we need finally a European management of migratory flows, in border control, in cooperation on repatriations and in the fight against smugglers. Then in the last few hours the premier also had a half-hour phone call with the German chancellor Olaf Scholz. After the latest Russian moves, with the visit of Vladimir Putin to Mariupol, and that of Chinese president Xi Jinping to Moscow, the shared hope – it is explained – is that the EU Council will give a new strong signal of support for Ukraine.