Meloni visiting Expo Aid in Rimini and the Genoa Boat Show

The Prime Minister participated in the late morning in the two days dedicated to the world of volunteering and the third sector. Then in the afternoon she moved to the International Boat Show where, among other things, she signed the Government-Liguria Region agreement for the use of development and cohesion funds (2021-2027 programming). “The sea is the most strategic Italian infrastructure,” he said

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni this morning visited “Expo Aid 2023 – I, person at the centre”, at the Palacongressi in Rimini, where she arrived around 12. Before visiting the stands of the event, she listened to the national anthem played and sung by the ‘You can do Band’. “Everyone has a talent, and this is the challenge to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, also and above all by trying to build personal paths based on talent”, the prime minister said during the visit. Meloni then moved to the Genoa International Boat Show in the afternoon. “I thank the nautical sector, companies that manage to describe and produce Italian excellence by employing Italian workers and producing a supply chain that employs over 200 thousand workers”.

Meloni at Expo Aid draws a heart with a disabled artist

A huge crowd, many selfies and handshakes, smiles. A long visit of about two hours – well beyond what was planned – among the stands before leaving for Genoa. Thus, Prime Minister Meloni lived her morning at “Expo Aid 2023”, concluded by painting a red heart, alongside Francesco – disabled artist of the ‘Working Souls’ project who colors the canvas holding the brush in his mouth and greeted from the prime minister saying “I train and next time I’ll do it better” Arrived around midday to cut the ribbon of the event welcomed among others by the Minister for Disability, Alessandra Locatelli, the mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad and the bishop of the city Romagna, Nicolò Anselmi, Meloni visited the stands of the event stopped at every step by the event participants: 2,300 registered for meetings and seminars for over 60 associations involved. “This event tells a vision that in my opinion is very important – argued the Prime Minister at the end of the visit: I saw some wonderful stories which, truly, give so much strength, so much energy”. Then, before leaving the Rimini Palacongressi, the philatelic postmark created by the Post Office for the occasion complete with a signature on a ‘mega postcard’ and the red heart painted with Francesco.

Expo Aid in Rimini

Expo Aid is a two-day event dedicated to the world of volunteering and the third sector. The Prime Minister was welcomed by Minister Alessandra Locatelli, who promoted the event, in collaboration with the National Observatory on the Condition of People with Disabilities. “This is an extraordinary day of opening the world of disabilities, a world that too often is at the bottom of the list, but we must be at the top of the list and we must say it together because it is the only way we have to make ourselves heard. Here I will write the next guidelines of the National Plan for Disabilities that the President of the Republic signs, but I also want to send a great signal that we are here, that there are many of us and that we have clear ideas”, said the minister.

Melons at the Genoa Boat Show

Prime Minister Meloni arrived in the afternoon to visit the Genoa Boat Show, welcomed by the president of Confindustria Nautica Saverio Cecchi together with the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci and the prefect Renato Franceschelli. You visited the stands and piers where the boats on display are moored, then the signing of an agreement with the Region for the use of FSC funds for the 2021-2027 programming. However, due to sea conditions, the Prime Minister’s inspection of the construction site of the new Genoa dam was cancelled. Upon her arrival, Prime Minister Meloni was greeted by the applause of numerous visitors to the Show who stopped to wait for her on one of the piers where some of the show’s most beautiful yachts are moored. After the ritual greetings with the local authorities Meloni continued the private visit. During the tour she got on a yacht and then visited the Ferretti stand first.

Meloni: the sea is the most strategic Italian infrastructure

“The sea is one of the most strategic infrastructures that Italy possesses,” said Pemier. “Last week the sea plan was presented. The Government listened and collected the requests coming from the companies. And from the next budget law we have a connection linked to the sea economy”. “And with this connected – he assures – we will respond to the requests that come from the sector”. Meloni also said: “We are trying to ensure that Italy too often brings up the rear in spending European funds – but the ability to spend these resources has often been lacking, not the resources themselves – to instead become a nation that sets an example on this”. And she concluded: The objective is not to lose even a single euro because Italy cannot afford it.”

“Agreement with Liguria unlocks 230 million strategic works”

“What we are signing today with the Liguria Region is the first of these agreements and unlocks over 230 million euros on strategic works in many sectors”, said Meloni after signing an agreement on cohesion funds with the Ligurian president Giovanni Toti and Minister Raffaele Fitto. “I’ll mention the most prevalent ones: there are around 85 strategic investments with which it will be possible to complete works such as the additional 29.5 million for the Basagno drainage canal in Genoa (we know something about it, a long-standing affair and a fundamental work for the safety of the city since hydrogeological risk), interventions to mitigate the risk of the Entella river basin, 83 million for the strengthening of the region especially with new roads, complete the new terminal of the Genoa airport and then complete the dry dock of the port of Genoa and adapt the Ventimiglia station”.