Meloni-von der Leyen meeting: “Exchange views on the economy and migrants”

During the conversation held today at Palazzo Chigi between the Italian prime minister and the president of the European Commission “the government’s commitment to the PNRR was also reaffirmed”, explains a note from Palazzo Chigi

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, met today at Palazzo Chigi Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. After the conversation in Brussels on the occasion of the first visit abroad as Prime Minister, today’s meeting, held with the participation of Minister Raffaele Fitto, represented an excellent opportunity for an exchange of views in preparation for the extraordinary European Council of 9-10 February dedicated in particular to the economy and migration. During the discussion, speaking of economic recovery, the Italian Government’s commitment to the Pnrr was also reaffirmed.

Von der Leyen: “A pleasure to meet Meloni”

At Palazzo Chigi, both leaders expressed their satisfaction with the signing of the joint EU-NATO declaration, scheduled for Tuesday 10 January in Brussels. Condemnation for the violent acts in Brazil and solidarity with the country’s democratic institutions were also shared. In a tweet von der Leyen wrote: “A pleasure to meet Giorgia Meloni. In Rome today, in view of the next European summit, we discussed how to continue supporting Ukraine; ensure secure and affordable energy; promote the competitiveness of the “EU; make progress on the migration pact. We also discussed the implementation of the Italian Pnrr”.