Memo Remigi: “An apology to Jessica Morlacchi? Already made several times, even in private”

The artist replies to the singer after her post on the apology only for Rai and public today on ‘Bella Mà’

“The apology to Morlacchi? Already made, in public and in private. How many more times do I have to do it?”. Memo Remigi, interviewed by AdnKronos, thus replies to the singer who in one of her posts complained about the fact that the artist – today during the ‘Bella Mà’ program hosted by Pierluigi Diaco on Rai2 – apologized to the company and the public but not to her. “I have done it several times, on several occasions, both public and private – reports Remigi – both at Morlacchi and personally, both at Bortone, and at Rai, from the beginning and every time I had the opportunity to do it “.

Memo Remigi recalls that “we spoke with Jessica, because we had to go to ‘Domenica In’ together for my return to Rai; then the appointment was canceled and consequently we never saw each other again and we never touched the topic again. I was very willing to see her again on ‘Domenica In’ but the presenter Mara Venier then preferred to fill that TV space by inviting many singers of a certain era who have made the history of the ‘Sanremo Festival’ and of Italian pop music”.

The artist reports that “he had several requests from Rai to return to TV, but then the thing never ended. Finally, after 15 months of ‘segregation’, this door was opened by the company , especially from the Rai structure manager of Day Time who takes care of both ‘Domenica In’ and Pierluigi Diaco’s ‘Bella Mà’ program, where I went as a guest today to illustrate my sixty-year career. I apologized to the company and the public , did I have to apologize to Morlacchi once again? I didn’t think about it, but enough is enough! Now let’s look forward, I have suffered the pain of hell and I have suffered incredible family traumas, with my grandchildren who were told by their companions school that their grandfather was the one who touched Morlacchi’s ass”.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)