Memo Remigi, Costanzo: “If Bortone has a shred of humanity, call him back”

The exchange with Laura Freddi at ‘Let’s pretend that’, on R101

The case Memo Remigi in an exchange between Maurizio Costanzo and Laura Freddi, recently a regular presence on ‘Today is another day’ on Rai1 and today a guest on ‘Let’s pretend that’, the program by Costanzo and Carlotta Quadri broadcast on R101.

To Costanzo’s explicit question “how is poor Remigi?”, Laura Freddi replied: “I don’t know, I actually joined the cast this year, I had just started getting to know him and I don’t know how he is. I hope only that in any case it can be clarified between the two, they are a bit sorry on both sides”. Costanzo also had his say: “I’m sorry because Remigi is 84 years old, he wrote ‘And if you knew how strange it is to be in love in Milan’. He is 84 years old and I think of the melancholy that has come to him, so if Bortone has a shred of of humanity call him back, tell him something”. And Laura Freddi: “I don’t know, I think the decision came from the Rai company. Serena is a smart woman and she will know how to move in this situation, after all she is the presenter of the program, she is a very intelligent woman”.