Memo Remigi, Jessica Morlacchi attacks: “Apologies to Rai but not to me”

The singer’s outburst on Instagram after the harassment she suffered in 2022

Jessica Morlacchi doesn’t fit. And on social media he vents against Memo Remigi’s return to TV. On Instagram stories, Morlacchi, evidently annoyed, published a sign in large letters where she wrote: “she apologizes to the company, to the public, but not to me. Meh”.

The singer and author of many famous songs returned today for the first time to Rai, in Pierluigi Diaco’s program ‘Bella Ma’ on Rai2, after his departure from public service in October 2022 due to harassment of Jessica Morlacchi (the footage showed Remigi placing his hand on the singer’s bottom) during the Rai1 broadcast ‘Today is another day’, where both were regular guests. Today Remigi, guests of Diaco, said: “I wanted to reiterate my apologies to the company and above all to the public: I am convinced that in life we ​​all make mistakes and in my sixty-year career I have made several mistakes, more or less serious. What I did was a gesture of great recklessness, which cost me a lot”, he added, without however ever naming Jessica Morlacchi.