Memorandum of understanding between Confagricoltura and Utilitalia signed at Ecomondo

Reuse of purified waste water, water saving and a reward system for virtuous companies

Reuse of purified wastewater, incentive mechanisms water savinguse of sewage sludge for agricultural purposes for a more efficient and sustainable use of the resource in agriculture, but also joint initiatives including a reward system for companies that engage in good practicesare the themes at the center of the memorandum of understanding signed today between Confagricoltura and Utilitalia in the framework of Ecomondo, a reference event in Europe for the ecological transition and new models of circular and regenerative economy, underway in Rimini until tomorrow.

“The Memorandum of Understanding is a starting point to implement strategic initiatives for increasingly circular and resilient agriculture,” he declared Massimiliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura. Among these, the “blue certificates“, to be awarded to companies that are committed to good practices, but also the creation of studies and reports on primary sector strategies and the promotion of the use of sewage sludge to reduce the costs borne by companies for the purchase of fertilizers traditional.

“The protocol signed today represents a concrete example of dialogue between the civil use of water and the agricultural one, and promotes the need to support an integrated approach between the different uses of water”, he underlined Filippo Brandolini, president of Utilitalia.