MEMORIA, the punk rock of La Sad and the energy of Bnkr44 together in a single

Memory, journey into the world of La Sad and Bnkr44

We are born as a blank canvas and during growth we experience a thousand selves, all different, often wrong but fundamental to forming our adult identity. MEMORY talks about a common phase in everyone’s life: a moment of confusion, strangers faced with our own reflection, to recognize ourselves we are forced to retrace the path from where we came and remember the various pieces that have built the person we are today.

The history of “Memory”

Sad and Bnkr44 describe themselves like this: from the age of 18 onwards love, excesses, uncertainties and then only one security: music. At the end of this chaotic search it is precisely the music that brings out their true personality. MEMORY represents a “behind the scenes” unreleased for listeners, an artistic journey made up of ups and downs in which the artists decide to reveal their most spontaneous and personal aspects.

The Sad

La Sad, a trio formed by Theø, Plant and Fiks, was born in 2020 from the meeting of the three artists, who decide to combine their musical paths to create a new collective, characterized by punk sounds and imagery in a modern key. Theø, Plant and Fiks, who come from three different regions (Lombardy, Puglia and Veneto), joined together thanks to the same passion for music and a strong bond of friendship created in recent years. Theø is a singer and former guitarist with years of touring around the world behind him, Plant is a very young promise who has his roots in the trap and emotrap scene and Fiks is characterized by a very punk attitude and depressed lyrics. Since the very first single, “SUMMERSAD”, the three take an innovative direction both in terms of sound and lyrics, bringing forward themes related to depression and relationship problems. Subsequently, “Psycho girl”, “Miss U”, “2nite” and “Summersad 2” were released, four more singles which consolidated Sad’s position in the Italian scene and which opened new musical horizons. On January 14, 2022 the debut album “STO NELLA SAD” was released which established the trio as the ambassadors of the new Italian emo.

The Summersad Tour

Summer 2023 saw the trio engaged in numerous live shows around Italy with the Summersad Tour, the first edition of the Summersad Fest – and the presence of important international artists in the scene including, among others, ModSun, Lil Lotus, Zand and Beauty School Dropout – participation in Love Mi and the performance together with Articolo 31 for Domani Smetto, the AMA Festival opening at YUNGBLUD and Radio Zeta Future Hits at the Arena di Verona together with Naska