Memphis, Tire Nichols killed by 5 policemen: the shocking images. VIDEO

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The Memphis authorities have released the videos showing the five African American agents who stop and beat to death Tire Nichols, also an African American, who died three days later following his injuries (PROTESTS IN THE USA). The brutal and shocking images are from four different videos. The 29-year-old had been stopped for alleged reckless driving. After an escape attempt he was captured, held down, savagely beaten by officers for three minutes while he screamed and invoked his mother several times.

What you see in the video

One clip shows officers dragging Nichols out of the driver’s seat of his car as he yells, “Damn, I didn’t do anything, I’m just trying to get home” and force him to the ground while ordering him to lie on his stomach, spraying him in make a pepper spray. Nichols breaks free, gets to his feet, and runs down a street as officers chase after him, firing tasers at him. Another video shows a subsequent scuffle after officers reached Nichols again and beat him. Two policemen are seen holding him to the ground while a third kicks him and a fourth strikes with what appears to be a rod, before another officer beats him. Videos from the officers’ body-worn cameras and those placed on the dashboards of their cars were posted online a day after the five officers were charged with second-degree murder, assault, kidnapping, misconduct and abuse. Everyone has already been fired.

The protests

After the release of the videos, protests erupted in many cities in the United States. In Memphis, protesters blocked the Interstate 55 bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. In Washington, dozens of protesters gathered in Lafayette Park, near Black Lives Matter Plaza, and on K Street while in Boston they marched along Tremont Street, creating problems for city traffic. Demonstrations and arrests also in New York. Protests also took place in Sacramento, San Francisco, Atlanta, Asheville, Philadelphia, Providence and Dallas.