Men and women, after the story is over, the former suitor finds love again: the new boyfriend is a well-known face

Men and women, after the finished story, the ex suitor finds love again: the new boyfriend is a familiar face, who it is

To Men and women we witnessed the birth of several loves. Some of these, some shortly after some time later, have taken different paths. This is the case of the former suitor who after about 6 years of dating with the former tronista, only a few months ago in the summer season he had made it known with an Instagram Stories that the relationship between the two has come to an end.

Men and women, the former suitor finds love again – Sologossip

He had explained that the reasons for the breakup were various, some concerned the character incompatibility that had become evident enough to impose a distance between the two, the other reason was instead linked to work. In short, different needs have led the couple born under the spotlights of Men and Women to separate definitively. And what were just rumors before the official news eventually had a kernel of truth. However, to date, some indiscretion and a shot published right in his Instagram Stories would suggest that theformer suitor Of Men and women have a new boyfriend. Whose face is it that is next to her? It is a character already known.

Men and women, the former suitor has a new boyfriend: who would it be

After 6 years of relationship, Camilla Mangiapelo formalized the break with Riccardo Gismondi. The two, released together by Men and Women in 2016, had appeared very accomplices over the years. However, they have come to a crossroads due to his betrayal. And so, in the couple of months following the incident, they went their separate ways from then on. Months after the end of their story, new details emerge on the private life of the former suitor, Camilla Mangiapelo. Apparently, a shot published in her Instagram stories would suggest that the very young former suitor has found her love again. Judging by the smiles that can be glimpsed from the shot that sees the two very accomplices, they would seem very taken. But whose face is it that we see next to her?

He’s a soccer playerand it would be the Frosinone player, Luca Moro. The very young footballer that we have intercepted on his Official Instagram profile seems to have a really large following. Apparently, according to the rumors reported by Deianira Marzano and PipolTv, one would think that the two are a real couple.

Camilla Mangiapelo
Camilla Mangiapelo has a new love – Sologossip

However, there is no official news about it. Neither Mangiapelo nor the footballer have made their relationship public. We will therefore have to wait to find out more.
After the end of the story with Riccardo Gismondi, will Camilla have found love again?