Men and Women, bad episode: he never wanted such a thing

Bad episode for the former face of Men and Women: victim of a horrible scam, he experienced moments of great tension, that’s what happened.

As unfortunately often happens, the world of social media and the web in general can turn into a ‘jungle’ where scammers and bad guys are lurking to try to profit from the good faith of others. This is what happened to a former protagonist of Men and women in these last days.

Men and Women, bad episode: he never wanted that to happen (Credits: Instagram)

We are talking about Lilli PuglieseA 28-year-old Roman with a difficult childhood who courted the former tronista Luca Salatino during the television season that has just ended. The girl was not chosen by the young cook who decided to get engaged to Soraya instead.

Now that her dating show experience has ended, there are many who would like to see Lilli on the throne in September. Beyond that, the sweet Fashion Design student is always very popular with fans who have learned about her on TV in recent months.

Her many followers found some of the stories posted by the girl on Instagram in the last few days strange, but it was the person who was directly interested in explaining what was happening.

Men and Women, low blow for Lilli: the bad episode of which she was a victim

Pugliese’s Instagram profile had been hacked. Someone has stolen her account and, what’s more, posed as her for scam purposes. After the theft, in fact, the perpetrator of the crime started advertising in the name of Lilli in order to deceive the followers.

Lilli then opened a new profile and explained in a video what was happening: “My old Instagram profile has been hacked guys, don’t listen to what is said in the stories because it’s all a SCAM !!!”, he warns l former suitor.

Men and women bad episode
Credits: Instagram

Fortunately, right now, stories have appeared on Lilli’s original account in which she herself announces that she has managed to regain possession of her profile. The beautiful Roman also admitted that she was very disappointed by some of her followers who, believing she could be advertising certain things, questioned her honesty.

Men and women bad episode
Credits: Instagram

A more than understandable outburst after several hours of tension, but luckily everything is well that ends well.