Men and women, bad episode in the delivery room: everything happened

Men and Women, bad episode in the delivery room: everything has happened; the story of the former suitor arrived through social media.

She is one of the most beloved former suitors of Men and women, a few days ago, she became a mother. An immense joy for the face of Canale 5, which welcomed a beautiful little girl into the family. But not without difficulty.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Through her Instagram stories, the new mother told in detail what happened during the birth. “After 48 exhausting hours, I received the best birthday present of my life “, he had written in the caption of the post with which he announced the birth of the baby. Let’s find out what she said next.

The former suitor of Men and Women tells what happened during childbirth

It was not an easy birth to Cecilia Zagarrigo. The former face of Men and Women and Temptation Island became little Mia’s mother on July 30th. She is her first daughter with her partner Moreno Casamassima and the couple couldn’t be happier than now.

After a few days of rest, during which she recovered, Cecilia decided to tell something more about her birth, through the stories of Instagram: “It was a difficult birth, it all started last Thursday, when they gave me induction. But nothing happened, I still wasn’t ready for childbirth ”. The former suitor says that nothing happened throughout the day on Thursday, until the gynecologist decided to take her to the delivery room, waiting for the contractions.

We spent six hours in the delivery room. They also brought in Moreno, who, while I was trying to distract myself by talking to the midwife, at a certain point I no longer hear. I turn around, I see him curled up in an armchair… ”, Cecilia says, adding that she also heard her partner snoring, who in the meantime had fallen asleep. When he woke up, Moreno was very agitated and kept asking everyone questions: “In all this I was very tired and nothing continued to happen even in the delivery room. I was sick, very bad especially mentally and at some point, after eight hours in there, iMy gynecologist decided to have an emergency caesarean delivery. Urgency not for the child, who was very well, but for the mother, who was really very tired. I didn’t understand anything “

men and women giving birth
Cecilia and Moreno (Instagram Credits)

At the end of the story, Cecilia talks about her post-partum recovery, which is proceeding rather slowly: “I also have a very low pain threshold, I can’t move .. I can’t even laugh. Being with Moreno at the moment is very difficult because he makes me laugh a lot ”. We can only wish Cecilia a very fast and complete recovery and renew our best wishes to the new parents.