Men and women, bordered on Maria De Filippi by the former knight: no one expected it

Men and women, bordered by Maria De Filippi and the program by the former knight: here are his words about it.

The new edition of Men and Women will start in September, Maria De Filippi’s program ended with the previous one at the end of May with the choice of the tronists. Her choices that have had a happy ending but this has not continued for everyone. Valeria Cardone and Matteo Ranieri broke up after a few weeks.

Men and women, knight (credits: youtube)

The former suitor announced it first on social media with a message and after a few hours the former tronista also arrived. It had been weeks since the two hadn’t appeared together anymore and rumors of a breakup had gotten louder and louder. Returning to the new edition that will start shortly, in recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about alleged returns and possible farewells. At the moment there is no certainty, we have to wait for the beginning to discover with our eyes who will be present of the old acquaintances in the female and male parterre.

We will also find out who will be the new tronista and tronista. However, there would seem to be something new, of course it is only an indiscretion, in fact it has been rumored that Ida Platano could have a different role within the program, and take on that of commentator. This news has yet to be confirmed. In recent years we have seen some protagonists. In this regard someone who has been part of Men and Women for a long time and has also had some importance, he would have released words that were not entirely positive about the program that gave him popularity. But let’s go into detail and see what she said.

Men and women, the ex-knight’s trip to Maria de Filippi and the program: what he said

In recent years, since Men and Women made its debut on television, we have had the opportunity to meet many knights and ladies and many tronists and troniste. We have followed their paths, we have grown fond of them. In the last few days, one of the riders who has had a certain importance in the program has made some not-so-positive statements.

Let me be clear, the news was reported by Amedeo Venza which took up the words of the former protagonist in a social story. According to what has been reported, Giorgio Manetti would have talked about the program highlighting its change: “The program has changed a lot. In reality, many programs seem to me to have fallen short “, would have declared. Giorgio would have added that Maria De Filippi does not want to make formats of philosophy and culture but of pure entertainment.

ex-knight men and women
Men and women, statements _ (credits: instagram)

The former knight explained that today he usually happens to see a maximum of half an hour of episode, because he would not see substance. Giorgio apparently seems to have noticed a change in men and women that has occurred in recent years and would have declared that Maria De Filippi wants to broadcast entertainment formats and not culture and philosophy. This is what Amedeo Venza reported in his instagram stories.