Men and women, caught together at the airport: “They kissed”, it is them!

Men and Women, caught together at the airport: “They kissed”, it is really them; the report on the two protagonists of the transmission.

The climate has become hot in the latest installments of Men and women. The new season of the Canale 5 program has started for about a month, but the twists have already been many. The last one arrived in the last few hours and concerns two of the absolute protagonists of the transmission.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

As often happens, it leaked on social media a report of a user, who photographed the two in more than affectionate attitudes, at the airport. The image was reported by Deianira Marzano, who also attached the message sent to her by her followers. Let’s find out who it is and what happened.

The two protagonists of Men and Women caught together at the airport: was a love born?

“He was leaving, they kissed repeatedly”. These are the words of a user, as reported by the gossip expert Deianira Marzano in her Instagram stories. The blogger shared the image that portrays the two protagonists of Men and Women, shot from behind, at the airport. Who is it about?

Of Alessandro Vicinanza and Ida Platano, which, it seems, are more united than ever! In the episode broadcast today on Canale 5, we witnessed a great twist: the knight admitted that he was still tied to Ida, ‘downloading’ Roberta from Padua, with whom he was going out. Platano defined herself as ‘shocked’ by Alessandro’s words, which she believed in, but which she did not feel like reciprocating. In today’s episode, Ida said she no longer feels anything for her ex. What has changed?

We will see everything in the next episodes of Men and Women, where, at this point, we will discover that the two have decided to give a new chance to their story. History that, according to when reported by the user to Deianira, is proceeding at full speed. The two would kissed repeatedly before saying goodbye: did the love between the two protagonists of the Over throne break out?

We just have to wait for the next episodes to find out all the details of this interesting flashback. But beware: there is another twist that concerns the Over throne and, in part, Ida and Alessandro. What are we talking about?

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Report on Alessandro and Ida (credits Instagram)

Of a dinner that took place between Roberta and Riccardo, Ida’s ex! The ‘triangle’ turns into a quadrilateral: how did Ida react when she found out about their exit? We will find out very soon, but, according to the previews, it seems that nothing happened between the two besides dinner and a kiss. The acquaintance between Roberta and Riccardo, unlike that between Ida and Alessandro, is not continuing. Keep following us for all the news!