Men and women, chosen the new tronista: audience in celebration, it’s him!

The new tronista of Men and Women was chosen and the public welcomed him with joy: it’s him, that’s who we are talking about

In the last recording of Maria De Filippi’s dating show, Roberta Ilaria Giusti was chosen and the new tronista was also presented. He is certainly a face known by fans of the program and for this reason the public welcomed him with great joy.

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The new tronista of Men and Women has been chosen: this is who it is (Source: Facebook)

Who is the new tronista of Men and Women

In the last few hours, a new episode of Men and women, dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi on Canale 5. The episode will air in the next few days, most likely after the Christmas holidays. The recordings, in fact, are far ahead of the broadcasting of the episodes.

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In the last studio recording there was both the choice from Roberta Ilaria Giusti that the presentation of the new tronista. Between Luca and Samuel, Roberta has decided to leave the program with Samuele. The boy, who has always professed love to her on the show, obviously said yes. The two therefore left the program together, hand in hand.

Luca Salatinoinstead, it was Roberta’s “non-choice”. The suitor certainly took Roberta’s decision badly. Even if he had never exposed himself to words towards her, Luca had shown that he cared a lot about Roberta.

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During the recording of the episode, however, there was also the presentation of the new tronista. Do you want to know who it is? Well yes, the new tronista is precisely Luca Salatino. Maria De Filippi, who became very fond of him during Roberta’s throne, decided to appease his suffering by offering him the throne. Luca obviously accepted, becoming the new protagonist of the Canale 5 dating show.