Men and Women, “Desperate case”: the hard attack on Ida Platano comes from him

The comment on Ida Platano, one of the undisputed protagonists of Men and Women: a very hard attack by the former face of the program.

Self Gemma Galgani has now become a symbolic character of Men and womenfor years dominated by his love stories that ended badly, his heir in the famous Canale 5 dating show is, by all accounts, the beautiful Ida Platano. The latter has been the protagonist of various unfortunate encounters since she is in the program, including the endless back and forth with Riccardo Guarnieri.

Ida Platano very hard words (Credits: Witty Tv)

Especially last season, for the hairdresser from Brescia it was intense and particularly difficult: the acquaintance with Marcello, with Diego Tavani and Alessandro Vicinanza ended with nothing. To complete the work, there was then the sensational return of Riccardo to the studio, for which she herself has repeatedly admitted to still having feelings for her.

With the charming Apulian knight, however, despite the countless clarifications, quarrels and reconciliations, the old misunderstandings continue to hinder a possible return of the flame. Of course, just like with Gemma, Tina Cipollari does not spare harsh criticism of Platano who, during today’s episode, was strongly attacked again by the columnist. The subject of the heated discussion was the interest that Alessandro Vicinanza is showing for Roberta Di Paduaafter declaring a few weeks ago that he still feels something strong for Ida.

In addition to Cipollari, in these hours also an old acquaintance of the transmission has harshly criticized her behavior and also made a comparison between her and Gemma. Guess who it is!

Men and women, ferocious attack on Ida Platano: “Gemma has another class”

On the pages of the weekly New, Giorgio Manetti he declared in an interview that he absolutely did not see Gemma’s heir in Ida platano. The famous “seagull”, protagonist of a real ‘Odyssey’ with Galgani during the editions of the program in which he participated, clearly expressed his thoughts on the hairdresser from Brescia.

In his opinion, Platano could never fully replace her friend because she lacks the same class: “Gemma compared to her friend is something else. She has another class and she really knows how to play the character ”. According to the former Florentine knight, who defines Ida as “another hopeless case”, there is no comparison between the two.

Regarding his ex, Manetti does not seem convinced that he is having a good time: “I don’t think his life is a great one,” he said referring to his return to Turin after two years spent in Rome. “He has to come down once a week to record,” he points out.

Men and women attack on Ida
Attack on Ida Platano ex knight (Credits: Witty Tv)

In your opinion, the opinion of ‘George’ is not very far from reality or are you also among those who see in Ida the heir of Galgani?