Men and women, do you remember the suitor not chosen by Paolo Crivellin? Today his life has changed

Men and women, do you remember the suitor not chosen by Paolo Crivellin? Today his life has changed radically.

We have seen so many love stories born over the years, a Men and women. Some did not last long with the cameras off, but others continue to make you dream. It is the case of Paolo Crivellin and its wonderful Angela Caloisi, the suitor he chose at the very end of his journey to the throne.

Paolo Crivellin (Youtube Credits)

It was February 2018 when, sitting on the red chair in the center of the studio, the tronist decided to leave the program with what is still his partner today. The choice was beautiful and we still remember it well, but you also remember the ‘not chosen’? For a suitor who smiles, there is another who receives a sharp no. Do you remember who was Angela Caloisi’s ‘rival’, not chosen by Paolo? Today her life has changed completely, let’s find out what happened.

Men and women, Paolo Crivellin is happily engaged to Angela but do you remember his ‘non-choice’?

Paolo Crivellin and Angela Caloisi form one of the most beautiful couples among those born within Men and Women. A solid couple, which still today is followed by a real host of fans, super fond of them since the time of participation in the Maria De Filippi program. A few weeks ago, through their respective social channels, the two former faces of Canale 5 also announced a wonderful news: they have bought house together and they are ready to live this new chapter. But what happened to the suitor not chosen by the handsome Crivellin?

Well, a wonderful new chapter has just begun for her too. Let’s talk about Marianna Acierno, that that day of 2018 was ‘rejected’ by the tronista, but today he found the great love, Andrea. Together they are became parents of little Ginevra, last April, their first daughter. An immense joy for the couple, who show themselves more united than ever on social networks. Today the Neapolitan lives in Milan and, in addition to having founded the Mon Cher Ami brand, she is the host for QVC Italia. Thanks to her participation in Men and Women she has collected a good number of followers, with whom she shares the moments of her days. Here is a selfie that appeared on her social channel:

men and women paolo crivellin
Marianna Acierno (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, really beautiful just like then. And you, do you remember Paolo Crivellin’s journey to the throne? We can only hope to see new and exciting choices also in the next edition of Men and Women, which is about to begin. The recordings of the first episodes will be held over the course of next week and the first episode of the dating show will be broadcast on Monday 19 September. We can’t wait to get excited about new acquaintances, and you?