Men and women, everything changes: a historic decision, it has never happened before

Men and women, everything changes: the sensational decision upsets everyone! Something will happen that has never happened before!

There are now only a few weeks left for the most popular television programs to return to our screens. The main television broadcasters are ready to churn out lots of news ready to entertain viewers with the brand new editions of the most popular shows. Among these certainly not lacking in the appeal Men and womenthe program run by the queen of Mediaset, Maria De Filippi.

Men and women, everything changes (Credits: Youtube)

Well, there is little time left for the return to the small screen of the most followed dating show and there are already several rumors that speak of sensational news that we will see within the new season of the program. You never stop looking for love and if you can do it in the spotlight, the combo for success is certainly guaranteed. The faces that aspire to the much desired red throne know this well. But who will sit this time? Well, in the new edition of Men and Women everything changes. We have never seen what will happen before.

Men and Women, in the new edition of the dating show, everything changes: what will happen

The recording of the first episodes of the program that we will see airing in the immediate autumn is now shortly away. But what should we expect from the new edition of Men and Women? An indiscretion circulating on the web tells us that this new season will present one unprecedented novelty. Perhaps it will be the idea of ​​renewing the program a little that ensures that in this new edition there is a real change of direction in the selection of the tronists who will sit on the coveted throne of the dating show. Well, ad Men and women changes everything and according to Lorenzo Pugnaloni who launched the indiscretion directly from his official Instagram profile it would seem that the members of the throne over will choose the fate of one of the four tronists.

men and women changes
Men and Women, what changes this time (Credits: Instagram)

Until now it had never happened that a young tronista was chosen directly by the faces who have taken part in the throne over in recent years. Perhaps it will be the idea of ​​wanting to arouse more curiosity in the public, in capturing it and convincing it to follow the program more and more that perhaps this initiative has been taken into consideration.

The tronists of the classic throne who will take part in the new edition of Men and Women will always be four. These will be chosen after a careful selection by the editorial staff who will then choose 3 tronistas, while the choice of the fourth tronista will depend on the throne over. Well, in these new roles of ‘judges’, ladies and knights of the well-known program of which they make a particular audience, this time they have an even more responsible role. Are you curious to know the new tronists of the Classic Throne? We a lot!