Men and women, Federica is Matteo’s “non-choice”: what happened immediately after the episode

Federica is Matteo’s “non-choice” to men and women, but what happened immediately after the episode? The images speak very clearly.

True lovers of Men and women anxiously awaited yesterday’s episode, Thursday 31 March. A few months after the start of his career, Matteo Ranieri made the choice of him. And he made his preference fall on Valeria Cardone, a very young suitor who joined the program more or less two months ago.

Federica’s outburst after the episode of Men and Women. Credits: Video mediaset

As well as in the course of his journey in the shoes of Sophie Codegoni’s suitor, even sitting on the red chair the good Matteo Ranieri did not disappoint the expectations of his audience at all. Always sensitive and able to put himself in the shoes of the other when there was a need, the young tronista conquered everyone with his simplicity. Arriving at the final choice with two of his suitors, Matteo dissolved everyone with his words. Would you have expected such a choice? Although strongly interested in Federica, his heart screamed at him Valeria. And he couldn’t help but listen to it. Everyone lived happily ever after, but what happened to Federica after the episode?

Federica after the episode of Men and Women: the outburst

Already immediately after his “non-choice” a Men and women, Federica Aversano he had expressed his bitterness about it. In fact, Matteo complained that he had already had her choice in her mind for some time and that – in her opinion – going to her in Caserta to invite her back to the studio was useless. In short, a decidedly strong reaction. And, as defined by the hostess herself, rather “human”. As soon as the episode ended, Aversano broke the silence. And she let herself go to an outlet.

Right away after the episode of Men and Women, Federica spoke on her official social channel. She and she expressed her first words after the choice of Matteo Ranieri.

Federica men and women after the episode
Credits: Instagram

His message is crystal clear! Despite her disappointment for not choosing her, Federica not only wanted to thank all those people who were close to her and supported her, but she also underlined how proud she is of her path and of herself. . Would you like to see her on the throne?