Men and Women great fright, urgently hospitalized: “I could no longer speak”

The well-known character of Men and Women ended up in the hospital, hospitalized urgently: “I could no longer speak”, great scare

From her Instagram profile she let it be known that she ended up in the hospital. The former face of Men and women did everyone take a big scare. Within her Instagram Stories she let it be known that she has been emergency hospitalization. But what happened?

U&D: Former hospitalized lady (Credits: Facebook)

She was one of the protagonists of the throne over Men and Women and had taken part in the edition aired in 2019. From participation in the program conducted by Maria De Filippi, the then Lady had met the Knight with whom she came out hand in hand from the Mediaset studios. To date, the two are about to get married and are ready to become husband and wife. Before the orange blossom though, unfortunately the former lady was the victim of an illness who has it forced to be hospitalized urgently. “I could no longer speak“, she then told in her Instagram Stories to let people know what had happened to her.

Men and women, great fear for the former lady rushed to hospital

The former face of Men and women, Luisa Monti ended up in hospital due to illness. After hospitalization, the woman let her followers know the reasons that forced her to hospitalize her through her Instagram channel. There concern per Luisa Monti was very strong, initially the causes of her illness were not known which she then made known on social media. In a few days now, the former lady will marry her knight, Salvio Calabretta. But unfortunately a small setback has curbed the enthusiasm for a huge scare that involved the former lady of Men and Women. Here’s what she did know.

men women hospitalized
U&D: Luisa Monti in the hospital (Credits: Instagam)

This morning we had a good scare, especially Salvio. From what they told me, I could no longer speak. I couldn’t move anymore and they took me to the hospital with 118. I did the tac and all the tests“, said Luisa Monti who had made it known that she had probably had syncope. After a few hours that she was then kept under observation, Luisa returned home and through an IG Stories she made it known that she was well and wanted to thank all those who were concerned about her health conditions. Now, she will need to rest and slow down a bit but it will be hard to keep the excitement at bay for the big day that is approaching!