Men and women, have you ever seen Andrea Nicole’s mother? They look a lot alike!

Andrea Nicole is the tronista of “Men and Women”, but have you ever seen her mother? They really look alike: here is the photo

She is the first transgender tronist in the history of the show. His path in Maria De Filippi’s dating show has fascinated Italian viewers. Recently, the tronista received a wonderful surprise from her suitor and above all from her mother. Have you ever seen it? They look a lot alike.

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Men and women, have you ever seen Andrea Nicole’s mother? (Source: Instagram)

Men and Women, Andrea Nicole’s mother

Andrea Nicole is the first transgender tronist in the history of “Men and Women”. The 25-year-old from Milan was first a man, then she decided to make the transition by becoming a woman in all respects. He has been working in a clothing store for ten years and has declared that he wants a man who is understanding, intelligent and who knows how to look beyond him next to him.

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In an interview with Everyday occurrence, the tronista declared that she does not want to be defined as ‘transgender’, because it nullifies the path taken so far: “It would be like not recognizing a goal that I have achieved, it was not easy and it did not take little”.

Since the beginning of her career she has focused on two suitors particularly: Alexander And Ciprian. Two guys very different from each other, but who struck her equally. Recently, Alessandro gave her a wonderful surprise, making her meet the mother she hadn’t seen for a long time. A very strong emotion, which moved the viewers of “Men and Women”.

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Did you miss the episode and failed to see the mom of the tronista of “Men and Women” for the first time? Don’t worry, we’ll show you the photo. We anticipate that the two women are very similar, although not excessively.

(Instagram screen video)

The mom of the tronista has spent beautiful words for her: “She is intelligent, beautiful, enterprising, always tough even when she was very little. I have always tried to please her to make her happy, since her journey began, in everything. I am proud and proud to have a daughter like you, I am sure you will be a great mother, I hope you will find the right person to share this path with. I will always support you, both me and papi. The important thing is that you are happy, the rest does not count “.