Men and Women, heavy absence in the program: what happened

For Men and Women Luciano is a great protagonist, but what happened leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the fans. The event destabilized everyone.

The most famous dating show ever is Men and Women, and Luciano has become one of the most beloved characters. Sympathetic, a man of the past, and always ready to enliven the scene, since the last event scared the fans. It is known that the audience of the program led by Maria DeFilippi, is an essential element for the bets. Appointments have always boasted of an audience present because they are linked to the protagonists of the stories, even for a one suitor so one of a kind.

Men and women, the absence of the protagonist is felt – just gossip

Luciano to Men and Women has always been an added value in the program. A “calming” beacon in a context full of tensions. Given that this is a format focused on emotions, relationships and loves that are about to blossom, it is quite obvious that there are clashes of all types. And his contribution has always been that yes dilute the ongoing feuds, with a joke, smile, and vitality that not even the youngest possess. The situation is indeed frightening the public who love him.

Men and women, the truth about Luciano of the throne Over

Knowing such a peculiar character, fans wonder what happened to this man. He is undoubtedly a man of another era. We are more and more accustomed to seeing characters focused on their own image, an appearance who wishes to erase any trait that pertains to a mature age. He has always proved his venerable age of 72 years oldbut without losing his role as a knight.

Sensitive man, genuine and without a shadow of a doubt self-deprecating and always ready to laugh, look for love in a half that can make him happy. Thus, he is a protagonist followed in the program Men and women. Even if an event does not concern him, Lucian he was always ready to say something positive and pleasant. However, the current situation is a sore point, which is why the fans and the presenter herself are so worried. The source comes from the web and its absence in the program.

Luciano to Men and Women
Men and Women Luciano disappeared (Credits: @uominiedonne)- Sologossip

According to what is rumored, it seems that the nicest, irreverent and kindest elderly man has some health problems. Given his age, he’s quite suspicious, but it was the way he kept quiet that really displeased the public. In the last year-end appointments, in which emotions are increasingly tense because situations are winding down, his absence was greatly felt. It has not been communicated whether or not he will record the next appointments, but from what has come out he must take care of himself. Also Maria De Filippi was very worried, showing closeness and affection.