Men and Women, history at the end: after the return of the flame it is already over again

Men and Women, history at the end: after the return of the flame it is already over again; a blow to the broadcast fans.

New tronists, new acquaintances, new emotions. From Monday 19 September 2022, what is now a fixed appointment for Channel 5 viewers will start again, Men and women. And, according to the anticipations of the recordings of the first episodes, it will be a crackling start.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

As always, the episodes are recorded several days before airing on TV, but, thanks to the previews, we can find out in advance what happened in the studio. There is a sensational news concerning a couple that has been talked about a lot during the past edition. Between them it seemed to be all over, but then they found each other … Later, however, a new twist. If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to find out everything that happened, read on!

The return of the flame had given good hope, but it is already over: what happened to Men and Women

Passionate about men and women, hold on tight because the new season of Maria De Filippi’s dating show will offer sensational surprises from the very first episodes. We have already told you about a couple who decided to leave the program together in the first recording, but for someone else there is no good news …

Many twists and turns for two great protagonists of the past edition: who are we talking about? Of Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza! The two have been dating for several months, only to then decide to close the attendance, after numerous discussions. The new season, however, opens with a twist: as revealed by Men and Women Classico and Over, the Salerno knight and the lady they decided to try againgoing out together outdoors. A kiss was also taken! Armando did not like the return of the flame, who discussed (for the umpteenth time) with Alessandro. But what happened shortly after?

Well, subsequent recordings have already shattered the hopes of the couple’s fans, although the reasons for the breakup were not disclosed. What appears certain is that between Ida and Alessandro it isagain, over! According to the advances, in fact, the knight would have invited to dinner Roberta Di Padua, who in the meantime has returned to the studio for a confrontation with Davide Donadei and Chiara Rabbi. And, apparently, Roberta accepted! Even Ida, for her part, is meeting new suitors, despite Riccardo claims that the lady is still in love with him … Is the ‘Ida-Riccardo’ chapter really closed or will there be new twists for them too?

men and women backfire
Alessandro and Ida (Credits Witty Tv)

In short, the Over throne starts with a bang and we can’t wait to follow the first episode to discover all the news in detail. Appointment on Canale 5 Monday 19 September 2022, at 2:45 pm!