Men and Women, “Husband and Wife”: great joy for the fans, they got married!

Men and Women, “Husband and Wife”: great joy for the fans of the splendid couple, they got married.

Missing less and less at the beginning of a new edition of Men and women: the registrations of the first episodes will be held already in the course of next week. Waiting to find out all about her new protagonists of the throne, there is a wonderful news concerning one of the most beloved faces of Maria De Filippi’s program.

Newlyweds (Instagram Credits)

A tronista who has remained in the hearts of fans for her sweetness and sensitivity. For her, no happy ending at the end of the transmission path, but today she has found her great love. And she also married him! Yesterday, 25 August 2022, the couple is married, in front of friends and relatives. Let’s find out the details of this sweet news.

The beloved ex tronista of Men and Women got married: “Husband and wife”

When she came to Men and Women she already had a marriage behind her, but she hadn’t stopped believing in love. In the Channel 5 broadcast, however, she was unable to find her soul mate, and she received a sharp ‘no’ in the course of the final choice. Today, however, the former tronist smiles in the arms of the one who has been her husband for a few hours.

We are talking about the beautiful Sabrina Ghio, who yesterday got married with her partner Carlo Negri. The two they married in common in Puglia and they celebrated with the guests in the enchanting setting of Borgo Egnazia, in the municipality of Savelletri, in the province of Brindisi. A wonderful party, but it won’t be the only one. As Ghio told his followers through Instagram, the official ceremony will take place on Saturday.

An immense joy for the newlyweds, who are also new parents! In fact, last June 7 little Mia was born, first daughter of the couple and second daughter of Sabrina. The former face of Men and Women is already the mother of Penelope, born from the previous union with Federico Manzolli. A wonderful family, which Sabrina loves to share on her social networks with what has become a real virtual ‘family’ for her: her Instagram channel has 860,000 followers.

men and women husband wife
Sabrina and Carlo (Instagram Credits)

Waiting to find out all the details on the ceremony on Saturday, we can only send our best wishes to the wonderful newlyweds.

Sabrina Ghio, do you remember her to Amici?

Perhaps not everyone remembers it, but before coming to Men and Women Sabrina had participated in another broadcast by Maria De Filippi. This is the talent show Amici, where she participated as a dancer and arrived second in the 2004 edition, behind the winner Leon Cino. Already in its first experience on TV, Ghio has conquered a real group of fans, who still today remember its beginnings in the most famous school of TV.