Men and Women, “I found out I was pregnant, I lost the baby”: the untold drama

One of the protagonists of Men and Women reveals for the first time the drama she experienced: she was pregnant, but she lost her baby.

Hundreds of people have passed through the studio of Men and women, a program conducted with enormous success by Maria De Filippi since 2001, at least in the formula of dating show for lonely hearts. Many protagonists of the Classic Throne and the Over Throne have been keeping the public company for decades with their more or less romantic stories.

Men and women terrible confession (Credits: Witty Tv)

Some, especially the ‘seniors’, remained in the broadcast for a long time until they became real characters, sometimes arousing controversy. The in-depth magazine on the dynamics of the program satisfies many of the curiosities of viewers. Here, through interviews with ladies and knights or tronists and suitors, unpublished details of their dating path or their private life are often revealed.

This is what one of the historical faces of the female parterre did, a much discussed but also much loved woman. In recent years she has been the protagonist of the most famous and followed stories of the broadcast. She is often the center of attention in the studio for the constant quarrels with Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollarihe told the magazine a dramatic episode from his past that has been hidden so far.

Men and women, chilling drama: “I was pregnant and lost the baby”

It is the now very famous Gemma Galgani to reveal for the first time ever a Men and Women Magazine what is most likely the most painful episode of his life. A life that has seen her get married only once. Her ex-husband is Francesco D’Aqui with whom she lived an intense love of youth: “Andwe were young, he even more than me. We almost ran away from home to live our love, which our parents did not indulge ”.

After that marriage, around the age of 40, the Turin lady met a second great love, Marcello. She had no children with him because she, as she told the weekly Whowas conditioned by the mentality of the older generations according to which at that age it would be too late to become a mother.

Now for the first time, Galgani reveals another truth to the program’s magazine: “I had already turned forty when I discovered I was pregnant. Then I lost that child ”. As you can imagine, for her it was a pain difficult to overcome and of a memory for which even today he cannot hold back the tears. The years then passed, between work and daily commitments and that dream never came true for her.

Men and pregnant women drama
Untold truth men and women (Credits: Witty Tv)

Gemma, however, continues to hope for love: will she be able to meet him sooner or later?