Men and Women, “Left a few days before the wedding”: incredulous fans

The former face of Men and Women has announced the breakup with the partner and father of his daughter: she was left shortly before getting married!

None of the couple’s fans would have expected it: the former suitor of Men and women and the player broke up shortly before the wedding. The news came from her Instagram profile who, after an absence of a few days from her social networks, in these hours has decided to explain what is happening in her life.

Men and Women, “Left a few days before the wedding”: shocked fans (Credits: Instagram)

Let’s talk about Ginevra Lambruschiex-girlfriend of Niccolò Bettarini and Pierpaolo Pretelli, who had found happiness next to the player of the Cittadella Mirko Antonucci. After a few months of starting their relationship, their first daughter was born in March last year and in August they announced the wedding.

The ceremony was supposed to take place shortly, but apparently the project has vanished. As told by Ginevra on Instagram, her future husband would leave her a few days before the wedding. “I’m trying to make and put the pieces together. I will get up and be alone with mum and dad ”, we also read in the Ig story and in the post published by the influencer.

Ginevra Lambruschi left by the player: do you remember who courted men and women?

Originally from Marina di Massa, in Tuscany, Lambruschi achieved notoriety as a fashion influencer at the age of 16, in 2014, when she opened her own Instagram profile. She moved to Milan with the intention of making a career in the field of fashion and in the Lombard capital, in 2016, she poses for a photo shoot for GQ Italia.

Men and women left
Credits: Instagram

Numerous flirts have been attributed to her over the years, but the two relationships that have been most talked about were those with the son of Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini and the one with the current boyfriend of Giulia Salemi.

Not everyone will remember that the beautiful influencer also passed through the studio of Men and women in the guise of a suitor. It was 2017 and it was her first time on TV. On the throne he was seated Marco Cartasegnawhich eliminated it shortly after.

Men and women left
Credits: Instagram

Followed by over 500 thousand followers, Ginevra shocked everyone with the news of the breakup with Antonucci: would you have ever expected it?