Men and Women, Maria De Filippi: “It was me who put the crisis in the spot”, the presenter generates the ‘chaos’ in the studio

Men and Women, Maria De Filippi with a question generates the ‘chaos’ in the studio: “It was I who put the crisis in place”, what happened

The twists ad Men and women they occur almost in every episode, and in the one that aired today certainly did not come to diminish the attention of the public after what happened.

The events of the classic throne and the Over throne keep the beloved and loyal home viewers attached to the screen. In particular, to make people talk and to collect interest are the protagonists of the Over throne. Ladies and knights inflame the episode but in particular, she is the hostess Maria De Filippi to have generated with a point blank question the ‘chaos’ in the studio. What exactly happened? If you missed the episode, let’s reconstruct the details together!

Men and Women, Maria De Filippi’s point-blank question to Alessandro triggers Ida: what happened

Today, Monday 7 November, a new episode of Men and Women was aired. At the center of the events of the historic dating show there were the protagonists of the Over throne and in particular there was talk of Alessandro, Ida and Roberta. A love triangle on which everyone has apparently focused their eyes, even the presenter Maria De Filippi.

After the last episodes aired, in one of these we had seen Alessandro leave the studio, the presenter asked the knight a specific question that would have sent the lady Ida Platano into crisis. “Would you dance with Roberta if you weren’t afraid of Ida’s reaction?”the host asked Alessandro.

At that point, attention immediately rushed to the reaction of all three. First of all for the answer that Alessandro provided by letting it be known that out of courtesy and politeness, he would have accepted the invitation but that nevertheless out of respect for Ida he would have had reservations in saying yes. The presenter explained to Ida Platano that the man she must have by her side must not allow himself to be influenced by what she thinks, but it must be through her spontaneous ways that she will be able to really know him. Only in that way will you be able to say you know Alessandro, letting him do it without conditioning.