Men and women, marriage finished: “She was my soul mate”, the former lady is destroyed

Men and women, marriage ended after a few months: “She was my soul mate”, the former lady of the throne Over is destroyed.

She was one of the protagonists of Throne Over by Men and womenbut love found him outside the Canale 5 broadcast. A fairy tale love, which led her to the altar, in August 2021. The fairy tale, however, did not have a happy ending.

The study of Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

It was the former lady of Men and Women who revealed it, who in an interview with DonnaSpia explained what happened, announcing the end of her marriage. A strong disappointment for the woman, who believed so much in this love story. Below, her words in detail.

Marriage ended after a few months: the former lady of Men and Women tells everything

True love only meets once in a lifetime and that’s not to say it’s forever. There are loves so strong that you feel them even if you are on opposite sides of the universe. But for many reasons we cannot be together. I’ve never loved so strong and I’m sure it won’t happen again “.

These are the words of the former face of Men and Women Daniela DiNaples, who announced to the end of her marriage with Emiliano De Cesaris, former tempter of Temptation Island: in the docu reality dedicated to couples, he got particularly close to Alessia Messina, at the time girlfriend of the former tronista Amedeo Andreozzi. Daniele and Emiliano had married on August 24, 2021, but, apparently, their union would have entered into crisis after a few months. In the interview, the former lady defined Emiliano as her soul mate, speaking of a love incomparable to any relationship that could come in the future: “I’ll tell you one thing I will never make love again in my life, when I used to make love with he was fusion of our souls as well as bodies. And he will never happen to me again ”.

The former face of the Over throne explained that he feels broken but is finding the strength to get back on his feet, focusing on his present, on his children and on his job: “There is a story they tell in China, when a vase breaks they fix it with a gold compound and when the vase is completely restored it becomes even more beautiful and more precious”.

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Daniela Di Napoli (Credits Instagram)

Barlady and fitness teacher, Daniela was present in the female parterre of Men and Women for several months, before deciding to leave the broadcast. It is precisely during the broadcast that Emiliano, a personal trainer from Rome, noticed her and the lady wasted no time in leaving the program to experience her story outside of her, away from the cameras. A story that seemed to be that of life, but that didn’t have a happy ending. We can only wish Daniela to find the serenity she deserves