Men and women, Martina courts Matteo: that detail has struck everyone, have you noticed?

Men and women, Martina courts the new tronista Matteo Ranieri: that detail has struck everyone, have you noticed?

The adventure of the new tronista of Men and women! After the end of the journey of Joele Milan and Matteo Fioravanti, an old acquaintance of the show sat on the most famous red throne of TV. It is about Matteo Ranieri, former suitor and choice of Sophie Codegoni. Between the two there is no happy ending and for Matteo a new opportunity to find love in the Canale 5 program: will he succeed? There is one of the first suitors to hit him Martina

Men and women, Martina courts the new tronista Matteo Ranieri: that detail has struck everyone, have you noticed? (Source Mediaset Infinity)

19 years old, blonde and with wonderful green eyes, the suitor went outside with Matteo, who appeared much less shy than usual in her company. There seems to be a great feeling between the two: will she be the one to steal the heart of the sweet tronista? We will see, in the meantime there is a detail that many have noticed during the last episode of the program. Did you also notice it while looking at Martina?

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Men and women, Martina is one of Matteo’s suitors: have you noticed that detail?

Martina and Matteo, will a new love be born? The two protagonists of the Classic Throne have proved to be very complicit since the first outside. Despite her very young age, the suitor has shown that she has a great temper, which has greatly impressed the new tronista. A particular detail, instead, it struck viewers of the Canale 5 broadcast.

It is about a similarity between Martina is a former protagonist of Men and Women, today competitor of the GF Vip. Did you understand who we are talking about? Take a look at some comments that appeared on the official page of the broadcast during the airing of the last episode:

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That’s right, for many viewers Martina is very reminiscent of Soleil, both aesthetically and as ways of doing. The most attentive fans will remember that the Sorge had the long-awaited happy ending in the broadcast, being the choice of the then tronista Luca Onestini. Will Martina have the same luck?