Men and women, not everyone recognized her: the former suitor now works in the editorial staff

Men and women, not everyone recognized her: the former suitor today works in the editorial staff of Maria De Filippi’s show.

Great joy for fans of Men and women. After the usual stop for the Christmas holidays, Maria De Filippi’s show is back on the air with new episodes, all to be experienced. Episodes where there is no shortage of twists and, of course, discussions.

The editorial staff of Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

The first, very heated, discussion of 2023 saw two faces of the Over throne as protagonists, Alexander and Paula. The two went out together and stayed overnight in the same hotel, but, in the episode, they didn’t find each other with the ‘versions’ on the evening. Mutual accusations were not lacking and the clash went on for quite some time, to such an extent that it was necessary the intervention of the editorial staff. One of Maria’s collaborators thus took the floor during the episode, explaining some dynamics of the externals, regarding the choice of hotels and organization. It was at this point that, despite her mask covering part of her face, many of her noticed a known face of her. She is also in the editorial staff of Men and Women, one of the former suitors favorite of the program. That’s who it is.

The former suitor of Men and Women today works in the editorial staff of the program: that’s who she is

A fiery episode, that of Men and Women aired yesterday, January 9, 2023. This is the first appointment of the year with the Canale 5 dating show, which is back on the air after the Christmas break. An episode in which a strong discussion took place between the new knight Alexander and Paula one of the ladies he is seeing. The two had a heated argument because their versions of the evening spent together were conflicting. Among the topics of the discussion also the choice to sleep in the same hotel and it is for this reason that one of the editorial staff intervened in the episode to explain the mechanism.

As often happens during the episodes, theto editorial staff she appeared to the side of the bleachers, where Maria De Filippi is sitting and, equipped with a microphone, made her speech. The girl wore two masks but many could not help but notice a familiar look. On Twitter many have written it: it is a former suitor of the Canale 5 dating show! Who are we talking about?

Of Laura Frenna, former suitor of Andrea Damante. She was the ‘rival’ of Giulia De Lellis, during the throne of the famous Veronese. For several years Laura has remained in Men and Women, but this time behind the scenes.

laura frenna men and women
Laura Frenna to Men and Women (Credits Youtube)

And you, did you recognize her during the episode?