Men and women, problems after childbirth for the former protagonist: what happened

Men and Women, the former protagonist of the dating show has vented on social media by telling his followers about the problems encountered after giving birth

A little over a week ago it was made for the former protagonist of Men and women the true miracle of life. AND’ became a mother for the first time and gave birth to her first child. A beautiful boy whose birth crowns the love dream of the influencer and his partner.

Men and Women, tells what happened after the birth (Credits: Instagram)

It was one of the undisputed protagonists of Men and women. Nicole Mazzocato, former suitor of Fabio Colloricchio after participating in the program and at the end of the love story with the former tronista, has given a radical change to his life. Far from the spotlights, the beautiful influencer found her love and together with Armando Anastasio she decided to expand the family. With a splendid announcement via social media, about a week ago she made it known that she had given birth to little Paolo.

The emotion for the former face of the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi was truly immense. The joy of becoming a mother for the first time is unparalleled. But after the announcement of the happy and sweet event, Nicole Mazzocato vented to her followers by telling what happened after giving birth.

Men and women, Nicole Mazzocato tells of the problems she had after giving birth

At the beginning of the pregnancy, as the former suitor herself said, there were some small problems. However, following Nicole Mazzocato on social media we could see that things gradually went for the best, and today, happily, she enjoys her little Paolo. After the splendid announcement he made it known that it was time to hang the fateful blue bow on the door, the former face of Men and women he told what happened in the post-partum period.

men and women giving birth
Nicole Mazzocato, what happened after giving birth (Credits: Instagram)

The emotion on her face described and still describes the magical moment that the beautiful mother is experiencing. With the birth of little Paolo, Nicole Mazzocato became a mother for the first time and now she lives all the first experiences that face this new sweet reality. Her world has turned blue and she can only be happier. However, the young influencer made it known on social media that she had encountered some small first difficulties due to the lack of milk whipping. In an IG Stories Mazzocato had made it known: “We spent the night in white attacked all the time and him trying and desperately trying to eat. But what arrived unfortunately was not enough to satisfy him“.

But Nicole obviously didn’t give up and didn’t give up on this sweet mother-son moment. “We are integrating with the bottle but here we do not give up, we try to the last“, He did know.