Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri out of the program: selfie in the gym without a shirt

We are used to seeing him in the studios of men and women, but on social media Riccardo Guarnieri showed himself like this: the selfie in the gym

The handsome knight of the Throne Over strikes again. On social networks Riccardo Guarnieri he showed himself like this and sent the inveterate fans into a tailspin who certainly did not hesitate to leave a like of great appreciation.

U&D Riccardo Guarnieri (Credits: Youtube)

His very popular path to Men and women made Riccardo Guarnieri one of the undisputed protagonists of Throne Over within the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi. To date, the program is on vacation, and the host as well as its protagonists, knights and queens of the program, are enjoying the summer holidays away from the spotlight. However, the well-known Apulian knight knows how to draw the attention of the public and the cameras to himself. In fact, in the weeks leading up to the hot summer, the handsome knight had been paparazzi in the company of another woman.

The stormy events have seen an approach and then a discordant separation between Riccardo and Ida Platano. To date it would seem that the love life of man is quite another. Was there therefore a definitive point to the story between Ida and Riccardo? According to the latest events it would seem that the two have taken diametrically opposed paths. Although someone still hopes to see them together, this is a very distant possibility today. And while news rains on him, it is by sifting through his social profile that we notice that the gloomy knight does not hesitate to show himself bare-chested.

Riccardo Guarnieri outside the television studios: the knight without a shirt

Already while participating in the Throne Over, Riccardo Guarnieri he was able to show off his athletic physicality. With her statuesque physique, he set the reality show catwalk on fire, conquering the ladies with a single glance. Even on social media, the knight loves to show off himself and highlight his physique.

Since he particularly loves to train and keep fit, he does not rightly hesitate to show off his strong physique. He actually stands out in the shots in which he appears in particular shirtless. Riccardo Guarnieri Without T-Shirt is ready to win likes on like of continuous appreciation. Just like this shot. Here’s how the knight showed himself:

riccardo guarnieri
Riccardo Guarnieri without shirt (Credits: Instagram)

Trained physique, sculpted abdomen and tanned skin. Although this shot dates back to a year ago, we know very well that Riccardo Guarnieri has certainly not stopped taking care of himself and has certainly not given up on his muscles. On social media, however, also the shots in which the well-known knight is well dressed conquer the avid followers. We can say that in a suit and tie or in a simple bathing suit, Riccardo Guarnieri knows how to make an impression on him.