Men and women, she spent a lot to give birth with all the comforts: the figures

Men and women, she spent a lot to give birth with all the comforts: the figures and all the details.

They are both protagonists of Men and women, but they met on another TV show. A love that suddenly broke out, becoming stronger than ever: the couple will soon welcome their first baby!

Beloved face of men and women (Instagram Credits)

She will be a child and will come into the world in an environment where there will be no shortage of comforts. The future mother, in fact, has chosen a private clinic for her birth, which is expected in a few weeks. A clinic where nothing really is missing: do you know how much she has spent? The figure will blow your mind.

Men and women, she has chosen to give birth with all the comforts: this is how much she will spend

The birth of the first child of one of the most loved couple of the moment is less and less missing. It will be called Gaia and the couple’s fans can’t wait to get to know the fruit of this great love. A love born on TV, precisely during the Spanish edition of The Island of the Famous. Who are we talking about?

Of Fabio Colloricchio and Violeta Mangrinan, who met in Supervivientes in the 2019 edition: the two became the protagonists of some ‘hot’ moments on the island, which went around the world. A great passion, but also a special feeling, the one that binds Fabio and Violeta, who, shortly, they will become parents for the first time!

She, former protagonist of Mujeres y hombres (Men and Women in Spain), has decided to give birth in a truly exclusive clinic in Madrid, the Monteprincipe of Boadilla, from which it was followed during the pregnancy. Violeta will be able to give birth to her baby in a large tub and she will be able to take advantage of every service, including a personal midwife, who has been assisting her for a month before the big event. A real dream for a pregnant woman, but how much does all this cost? Violeta herself told the details to her followers on Instagram.

The 28-year-old influencer spent well 1900 euros for her birth. And he couldn’t be happier: “The best investment of my life. I had the opportunity to do it and I did it “, ruthless Mangrigan. Who, also on social media, has revealed that she will use the frozen placenta as a fertilizer for her garden.

men and women give birth
Violeta Mangrian and Fabio Colloricchio (Instagram Credits)

In short, little Gaia will come into the world in the best possible way and we can only send our best wishes to this splendid couple of (almost) parents!

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