Men and women, surprise decision after the announcement of pregnancy: no one expected it

Surprising confession of the former protagonist of Men and Women: he revealed it a few days after the announcement of the pregnancy.

They made happy all the fans who have always believed in their love and who still follow them with affection after their adventure in Men and women which occurred about four years ago. The couple formed in the famous Canale 5 dating show has in fact announced that they are expecting their first child.

Men and women, surprise decision after the announcement of pregnancy: would you ever have said that? (Credits: Witty Tv)

The news was made known through a sweet video shared on social networks by those directly concerned and only in July will it be known whether the baby is a boy or a girl. The former suitor who at the time managed to conquer the then tronista is already in the fourth month of pregnancy and the birth should take place on December 21 of this year.

We are talking about Lorenzo Riccardi and Claudia Dionigi, protagonists of one of the most beautiful stories ever told during the very popular program conducted by Maria De Filippi. The two then joined the list of former faces of the program who are preparing to become parents in this period. Having learned the wonderful news, their many fans are now curious to know how the future mother and the future father are experiencing the sweet expectation and, through Instagram, they have asked the former tronista some questions about it.

Men and women, the former tronist on the pregnancy of his partner: “It’s a strange feeling”

Chatting with followers on InstagramLorenzo told of being taken by a whirlwind of emotions in this period: “It’s a strange feeling”, said the 26-year-old who reveals that on the one hand he is the happiest man in the world, but on the other hand he is also scared for the new chapter of his life that is about to open.

He then spoke of the decision made regarding the timing of childbirth. She said she didn’t want to watch out of fear: “I’m a coward, just watching the videos I feel bad and I feel like fainting, let alone if I enter. They hospitalize me! “. For now, therefore, it seems that the handsome Riccardi intends not to be present at the birth of the baby. The former tronista then admitted that he would prefer it to be a boy, but if a girl were to be born he will love her infinitely anyway.

Pregnancy men and women
Credits: Instagram

We still wish much happiness to this wonderful couple who are about to experience the most beautiful joy!