Men and women, the former lady in luxury Dubai: “I live the life I’ve always wanted”

The former lady of Men and women told how her life has changed after the program: today she lives in the luxury of Dubai.

Since when Men and women began we had the pleasure of following the journey of many people who later became known thanks to the program. In recent years, after the Covid pandemic, Maria De Filippi has decided to revolutionize the format by combining the classic and oversized thrones. For this reason, in each episode, we witness moments dedicated to the first and to others instead in which the knights and ladies are the center of attention.

The former lady of men and women now lives in the luxury of Dubai (credits: mediaset play) sologossip

There are many couples who have had a happy ending. Soon, for example, we will see the choice of Federico Nicotera who expressed his feelings for Carola on the red chair. The episode was recorded last week and thanks to the audience we can know in advance what happened. Instead, for the choice of Lavinia it seems to take a few more days since the tronista seems to be very doubtful.

Even in throne over many protagonists have dated. Once out of the program the attention of the fans continues to be always strong. This is why what they say or show on social media often makes the news. A former lady of the female parterre, who we found in an episode many weeks ago together with her partner, she told what her life is like now.

Men and women, today his life is in the luxury of Dubai: the former lady tells what happened after the program

A beloved former lady of men and women, in an interview with the magazine of the program, told what her life is like after the end of her journey. Isabella Ricci she did not return home single, but accompanied by the former rider Fabio Mantovani. Today her daily life is different from a few years ago. In fact after the program she moved to Dubai together with her partner, who became her husband in May 2022.

After years and years of work, he is now living the life he has always wanted and that is exactly what he has responded to the many criticisms he has received: “I have worked all my life, with the aim of being independent. I’ve always succeeded and I’m living the life I’ve always wanted”, he said. Isabella and Fabio live in the United Arab Emirates for six months a year where they spend most of their time by the sea. In fact, you explained that you spend your days in establishments linked to large hotels, where they enjoy every comfort from morning until sunset.

Men and women, former ladies today
Today he lives in luxury: the former lady tells what she does in Dubai (credits: mediaset play) sologossip

She explains that when it rains they move differently, taking walks in the commercial areas where there are a lot of shops, both luxury and local brands. The former knight, on the other hand, said that they often go out to dinner to taste the more particular dishes. When I’m at home, however, he prepares the dishes so much that he defines himself as the king of the kitchen: “I especially love cooking pasta dishes“. Today Isabella and Fabio live between the luxury of Dubai and the beauty of Italy, spending six months a year in a completely different way.