Men and Women, the great absence in the studio: what’s going on?

For men and women everything is possible, especially when characters with a combative character come into play, one of them has gone away.

The most famous dating show ever is the center of attention not only for love and feelings, but also for the most heated feuds. Men and women it is undoubtedly one of those formats that colors the afternoons of Canale 5, and to which the most faithful viewers cannot say no. Like all the other programs, this one too which has now lasted more than twenty years, has experienced a moment of pause and detachment during the holiday season. Apparently, despite the apparent calm, something happened: because a beloved face is not present in the studio.

Men and Women (Credits: @uominiedonne)-

Maria DeFilippi is a point of reference, not only for Men and women, but for the entire television schedule. Together with the presenter Landlady in Mediaset, even the protagonists who are broadcast in the newspaper, have become part of the days of the public at home who can’t help but know how some plots end up, especially when it comes to love . A face of the dating show not is present upon registration of January 6, here’s who he is and why.

Men and women, here are those who did not participate in the episode

The Announcements concerning the format they are a lot, some are not that surprising, but others, just like the one we are about to reveal to you, fall like a bolt from the blue that upsets the current situation. What will happen to determine the absence of the character of Men and women? You don’t usually miss one! Instantly, fans and followers of his Instagram profile think the worst.

There are those who worry that it is happened something serious, it is not the first time that some suitors and suitors have been absent for personal reasons. Some they even change their minds what to do! Too bad the hero absent is missing right on the most beautiful, in fact many speculate that one has something to do with it fatal collision for him.

Men and Women Armando Incarnato absent
Men and Women Armando doesn’t show up (Credits: @armando_incarnato_)-

The fatal clash we are talking about has as its protagonist a face that pierces the screen, that of Armando Incarnate. Start your journey at Men And Women in 2018 participating in the Over throne as a suitor, and has never missed since then, except at the appointment of the January 6th. The other character involved in the quarrel, it would seem to be Maria DeFilippi.

According to sources from the Web, they may have argued, and the most followed presenter of Mediaset would kick him out of the program. Such a situation had already happened in the past with Pinuccia Della Giovanna who feigned illness in the studio. Maria DeFilippi she is always understanding, but she does not compromise on improprieties.

There is no confirmation on the matter, they may have quarreled, but what is certain is that Armando Incarnato is not present at the last recording of the programme.