Men and women, the mystery has been revealed: the whole truth about the most loved knight appears

Men and Women staged a mystery to which until a few months ago there seemed to be no answer, but then suddenly the truth was revealed at the Elios study center in Rome. Here is the answer that Maria De Filippi’s audience has always been waiting for.

Men and women it has always been one of Mediaset’s flagship programmes. So much so that for years it has allowed the company to win the afternoon slot in which it is broadcast, always collecting excellent ratings. However, those who have been following the program for many years have many doubts concern the protagonists of the program. Some remain so forever while others sooner or later find an answer.

Mystery study. Credits: YouTube

It is the case that sees the protagonist Richard Guarnieri. The knight was often the protagonist of the program because of his relationship with Ida Platano (a relationship that between ups and downs has entertained the public for years) and many have always wondered, given that unlike his colleagues he never talked about it , why he didn’t talk about his profession.

So the mystery was born immediately: what work does Riccardo Guarnieri of Men and Women? To reveal it, years later, it was he who was at the center of the study, satiating the curiosity of viewers.

The mystery has been revealed! This is what Riccardo Guarnieri does for Men and Women

Richard Guarnieri is one of the undisputed protagonists of the Throne Over of Men and Women and although many things are known about his love life, little is known about the rest of his private life and for this reason many wonder what his profession is.

In fact, no one has ever known exactly what the knight does, what is the job that, at least in part, allows him to live

The answer was given years later by the person concerned, during the course of an airing of Maria de Filippi’s successful program. During an explanation with the ladies Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua, Richard Guarnieri admitted to being, at least at the time, a worker on layoffs.

Thanks to the crisis caused by the pandemic, since 2021 the rider has been placed on partial layoffs again, after just a year of returning to work, and probably started looking around to look for something else.

mystery men and women
Riccardo Men and women. Credits: YouTube

The statement, which came quite suddenly, has finally put an end to one of the doubts of the fans of the program who have been asking themselves this since its debut in the program.