Men and women, the rush to the hospital: everyone worried about his condition

The beloved face of men and women told about his rush to the hospital: all his followers were worried about his condition.

These were not easy hours for the beloved face of Men and women! Just a few hours ago, through a series of IG stories, one of the undisputed protagonists of Maria De Filippi’s dating show told her rush to the hospital, then explaining his current health conditions to his supporters.

Men and women hospital. Credits: Youtube

After the story of the former suitor of everything that happened at the time of the birth of her first child in the delivery room, another face of Men and women could not help but reveal to his social audience what happened to him in the last few years. hours. At first with a photo that portrayed her arm attached to the drip and, later, with a series of ‘spoken’ IG stories, the dame of the Canale 5 program said she ended up in hospital. We do not know what exactly happened and, above all, what caused the illness, the fact is that – according to what we learn from her story – it would seem that the lady literally had to run to the hospital on the advice of her general practitioner. How are you today? Let’s find out!

Men and women, inevitable rush to the hospital: how is it now

Used to entertain her supporters, the lady of Men and women – a few hours ago – he couldn’t help but tell his supporters there rush to the hospital. With a photo of her attached to an IV, the face of the dating show really made everyone worry. It is precisely for this reason that she – after returning home – she could not help but reassure them and explain to them what happened. She has not gone into details at all – just like the former tronista who recently revealed she was pregnant – but she made it clear that she did not feel well and that she wanted to go to the hospital to understand what had happened to her. We are talking about Ida Platano, beloved lady of men and women ready to return to the program with a completely new role.

“Excuse me if I’m gone, but I’m not so well”, it is with these exact words that Ida Platano informed her supporters that she ended up in hospital. A few hours after this IG story, then, the clarification. According to what we learn from her story, it would seem that the lady of Men and Women has begun to experience severe migraines and that she wanted – on the advice of her doctor – to go to the hospital to do all the necessary checks. “I’m better now. I made several visits and now I recover easily “, said Ida Platano, reassuring her admirers.

men and women hospital rush
IG Ida. Credits: Instagram

We wish Ida a very fast recovery.