Men and women, they had gone to live together but suddenly it all ended

Among the most beloved protagonists of the last seasons of Men and Women, they had gone to live together but then they changed their mind.

Their path a Men and women it was one of the most engaging of recent seasons: their exteriors were a crescendo of emotions until they realized they wanted to live their love away from the cameras. After leaving the famous dating show, they started a wonderful love story, but their decision surprised the fans.

Men and Women cohabitation interrupted (Credits: Instagram)

The former tronista and her boyfriend have appeared on social networks always very united and more and more in love and, despite a few kilometers of distance that separates them, their relationship has gone on very well. So much so that they decide to go and live with the great joy of the public who have always supported them.

Suddenly, however, they changed their minds and the coexistence ended, raising some doubts about a possible ongoing crisis. Through a question box on Instagram, however, it was the former tronist who explained the reasons for this choice and to reveal what is actually happening between her and her boyfriend.

On the other hand, you know, the couples who leave the famous program of Maria De Filippi, continue to be followed with affection by fans who cheer on their love even after many years. Let’s see who the couple in question is and what lies behind the end of coexistence.

Men and women, after living together, have chosen to separate again

The two former protagonists of the Canale 5 dating were part of the 2021/2022 season of Men and women. Samuele Carniani he courted the beautiful Roberta Giusti and in the end he managed to win against his ‘rival’ Luca Salatino, who later became a tronista in the following season.

Samuele is originally from Arezzo while Roberta di Rome, therefore they had decided to start living together but then they chose not to continue that path. Giusti, in fact, now lives again with her friends. A change that had alarmed some fans by suggesting a breakup.

During a question session on Instagram, Roberta answered the questions she receives in this regard in this period by finally clarifying everything. “There is concern or curiosity. I explained how things stand, but why exaggerate like that? ”, Wrote the girl.

He then explained that the reason is simply to be attributed to “different needs than living together in Rome or Arezzo at this moment in life”. Then she pointed out that in any case, being Samuele in Arezzo and she in Rome, it is just two hours by train. Nothing impossible, in short.

Men and Women gone to live together
Men and Women unexpected decision (Credits: Instagram)

No crisis or even a rupture on the horizon: Roberta and Samuele are more united than ever!