Men and women, trouble for Gianni Sperti: is he in danger of being fired?

The well-known columnist Gianni Sperti is in trouble: the former professional dancer risks being fired from “Men and Women”, here is the reason

Trouble in sight for the well-known columnist of “Men and Women”. His words spoken in the studio did not appeal to a slice of the public. These are now asking for dismissal. How will Maria De Filippi proceed?

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Men and women, trouble for Gianni Sperti: what happened (Source: Instagram)

Will Gianni Sperti be fired by Men and Women?

Gianni Sperti is a well-known television commentator and former professional dancer. He became famous as a dancer on numerous Channel 5 broadcasts such as Do you know the latest?, Have a nice Sunday and above all the talent show “Friends“. Later he held the role of columnist for “Men and Women”, a dating show broadcast on Canale 5 and hosted by Maria De Filippi. Gianni has been a constant presence in the De Filippi studio since the early 2000s.

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The role of columnist has given him joys and sorrows. Thanks to this role, in fact, Gianni has established himself on television, but also because of it often receives criticism from the audience of the dating show. In the last few hours, due to some of his statements made in the studio, there is even someone asking for his dismissal.

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In one of the previous episodes of “Men and Women”, Gianni took sides openly against Isabella Ricci, lady of the throne over and rival of Gemma Galgani. The columnist accuses the lady of pretending within the program. The public, however, attacked Gianni because at the beginning of the year he was one of Isabella’s supporters. Why did he change his mind overnight?

Someone accused Sperti of having changed his mind to have material to talk about in transmission and therefore be the center of attention. Someone else, certainly more radical, even asks for the dismissal by the columnist of “Men and Women”.

How will he react Maria De Filippi? It is not the first time that the public has lashed out against Sperti. The host of the dating show, however, has always trusted the commentator. Will he listen to a part of popular sentiment this time? We think that De Filippi will not give weight to the criticisms and will renew confidence in Gianni.