Men and women, Tu si que vales and Verissimo: when Mediaset programs begin

Men and women, Tu si que vales and Verissimo: that’s when Mediaset programs begin, there are dates.

A few weeks ago the mediaset schedules were announced and we have known in advance the programs that we will see on the air in the next autumn season. We know for example that Live is not D’Urso and Domenica Live as for the previous editions, will not go on air.

Mediaset, start of programs (credits: youtube)

Barbara D’Urso, at least at the moment, has the helm only of Afternoon Five. As for the other programs, we will see the return of on channel 5 Tu si que vales, Men and women, Friends, Very true, Alfonso Signorini returns with the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip. In recent months there have been castings to choose the protagonists of the new editions. The host of the reality show is gradually leaving clues about some of the competitors we will see. During the summer, for example, the recordings of Tu di que vales continued in which Alessio Sakara, Martin Castrogiovanni, Belen Rodriguez and Giulia Stabile were confirmed.

There are only a few weeks left to the end of the summer and many are already wondering when the programs will start. Well we reveal in advance all the dates of the broadcasts that we will see broadcast on channel 5 starting from September 2022.

Men and women, Tu si que vales and Verissimo: when the mediaset programs begin

In September, the new editions of the programs that usually air on the Mediaset networks will start. Alfonso Signorini will again be at the helm of Grande Fratello Vip. In recent weeks he has left various social clues to intrigue users who can’t wait to discover new competitors.

But when does the reality show start? According to what reported by Tv Blog, the GF Vip will return to television on September 19th in prime time. So, doing the math, it’s not long before the new beginning. Of course, auditions continued for the other programs to choose the protagonists. For example, during the summer the recordings of You of que vales with Belen Rodriguez, Giulia Stabile, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni. But when does the new edition start? The date chosen is Saturday 17 September with the first episode. Maria De Filippi who we will see in the program also returns to the helm of Friends and of Men and women. The twenty-first edition of the talent show was an impressive success and it is expected that the twenty-second edition will also be able to ride record ratings. Also for Amici, according to what reported by Tv blog, the date set for the start of the new edition is Sunday 18 September.

when programs start
Mediaset, start of programs (credits: instagram)

Then there is Men and Women which begins on the same day as the GF Vip, or September 19, but aired in the afternoon, as is usual. very true starts with the new edition with Silvia Toffanin on September 17th and apparently remains on Sunday as well given the results of the previous edition.