Men and women, who is the new tronista Veronica Rimondi: age, origin, degree, job and Instagram profile

Officially announced on the Witty Tv site the new tronista of Men and Women: it is Veronica Rimondi, here is what she told about herself.

Sitting on the Classic Throne to look for a soul mate among the dozens of suitors who will present themselves to contend for her heart, it will be her: Veronica Rimondi is the new tronista!

Men and women, who is the new tronista Veronica Rimondi: age, origin, degree, job and Instagram (Credits: Witty Tv)

In the introductory clip, she revealed that she is 26 and lives in Ferrara. Long straight hair, a determined gaze, loose talk and a good dose of humor, the girl has shown a rather ‘peperina’ nature that will certainly reserve a lot of emotions and twists. With such a character, it is natural to wonder how she will relate to the columnist Tina Cipollarifamous for her frankness that makes her the protagonist of many disputes in broadcast.

In short, the credentials to be the new protagonist of the Canale 5 dating show in the coming months are all there: in the video, Veronica Rimondi she wears a jacket that gives her a very confident air, like a career woman, and from her attitude it is immediately clear that she will not be an easy prey for her suitors. Let’s get to know it better!

Veronica Rimondi is the new tronista of Men and Women: what she does in life and what she looks for in men

The very popular afternoon broadcast conducted by Maria De Filippi is therefore about to welcome another protagonist who will enrich the already very intricate stories that animate the studio with emotions.

In the video on Witty Tv, the new tronista says that she graduated during the lockdown and that she now works in the family business of her father. She describes herself as ambitious, intuitive and self-deprecating and explains that she cannot stand narcissistic men and monotony. She has been living alone for five years in a house owned by her father. Already with her very clear ideas, Rimondi has made it clear that she wants smart men: “They must be on point, otherwise I will magno them”.

His last love story dates back to two years ago and his Instagram profilealready very popular, is @rmnvnc. Regarding her family, Veronica said: “Mom and dad separated when I was little, but my parents never made me miss anything. I am tied to my mother and my sister and grateful to dad, who allowed me to work in the family business “.

Moreover, she admitted that she was often unpleasant at first: “One of the phrases I hear most is: ‘you know that before I met you I was really unpleasant’? But as we know, appearances are often deceiving ”.

Men and women who is the new tronista
Credits: Witty Tv

From a first impression, we feel like saying that Veronica’s throne will be truly unmissable. What do you think about it?