Meningitis, Bebe Vio’s father: “Invitation to the vaccine? My daughter will never miss it”

The athlete is currently competing in the Paralympic Fencing World Championships. She “she stopped carrying out direct campaigns for vaccination after the attacks she suffered as a testimonial, but she remains completely convinced of the need to immunize herself”

“My daughter never misses an opportunity to reiterate the importance of vaccination against meningitis. Never. Whenever she can she talks about it.” Ruggero Vio, Bebe’s father, on the occasion of World Meningitis Day, which is celebrated today, underlines to Adnkronos Salute the attention to the prevention of his daughter’s disease, who is currently involved in the Paralympic Fencing World Championships underway in Terni until Sunday , valid for qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics. “Currently – she explains – she is training and following the competitions of her teammates. On Saturday and Sunday, individual and team, she will have her own competitions and at the moment she is a little nervous. A testimony direct is impossible.”

The athlete, her father recalls, “has no longer carried out public and targeted campaigns against meningitis because when she acted as a testimonial she was attacked, even violently, by some people. For this reason it is an experience, that of direct and active in a campaign, which she does not want to repeat. But she remains completely convinced of the need to get vaccinated.”

“Bebe – continues Ruggero Vio – always remembers that she wouldn’t be in this situation if she had been able to get vaccinated. She wasn’t vaccinated because when we asked for vaccination we were told that she was still too young. Less than a year later she had meningitis” .