Mentana leaves the helm of ‘Open’: “Bechis has been the director since January”

The announcement of the founder of the online newspaper on social media: “Ambitious goals with his direction”. Bechis: “Very happy, I will treat him with care because there is also an emotional relationship”

“The rumor is starting to spread and therefore it is right to confirm it. Franco Bechis he is a friend and a first-rate journalist, with a great experience of journalistic directions. I am happy that he has agreed to lead the Open from next January“. Thus Enrico Mentana announces on social media that the direction of ‘Open’ will pass from January to Franco Bechis.

“After four years the adventure of our online newspaper can arise, with his direction, ambitious goals. Thanks Frank. In the meantime, the work done has led Open to be competitive in terms of traffic numbers and very healthy in terms of budget”.

I’m happy to go to work with Enrico because we have known each other for many years because for me he is the number one journalist”, comments Bechis to Adnkronos. “Open – he explains – it will be a challenge, actually a challenge already won by Open, which is already a consolidated reality. I’m glad Enrico made me this offer.”

On the line he will give to the new course of ‘Open’, Bechis anticipates: “I’m sure that we will do more sparkling things without changing anything about the line. We’ll put in something more sparkling which is a bit my characteristic. There will be some news like Bechis does, that’s it”, jokes the former director of ‘Tempo’ and current director of the newspaper ‘Verità&Affari’. And he adds: “There is a good editorial team, the project is fascinating because it has to train young colleagues. It’s kind of her mission, it’s like she’s one more daughter that he has, and I have to treat her with care because there’s also an emotional relationship.”