MEP Caterina Chinnici leaves the Democratic Party and joins Forza Italia

The MEP, candidate on the Democratic Party lists twice, said in an interview with Corriere that on legal and security issues, lately, she has felt “very lonely” and has not always had “the necessary support”

Caterina Chinnici has left the group of European Socialists and Democrats after almost two legislatures. Daughter of Rocco Chinnici, who founded the Anti-Mafia pool and was killed by Cosa Nostra in 1983, the MEP commented on her choice in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “I was independent, I am and I will be always and so I decided to join the Ppe, in the Forza Italia delegation. I have always been a moderate, for my history as a magistrate I work on issues such as the rights of minors, the fight against terrorism, organized crime, and above all the profiles associated with the European justice and home affairs agencies” he adds. In this legislature, “which has seen Parliament change profoundly, I have felt increasingly uncomfortable. I have often found myself sharing my work and commitment with my colleagues in the EPP, with whom I also have excellent personal relationships, rather than with those of my group”.

The motivations

Caterina Chinnici said in the interview that she has “always worked a lot on legal issues, on safety. And on these issues, lately, I’ve been feeling very alone. I haven’t always had the necessary support”. The MEP has known Elly Schlein “for a long time, I appreciate the authenticity of her commitment. But on some issues we have different views, and moreover the Socialists and Democrats group has moved more and more to the left over time. Too much, for me” . The positions on gender, rights, Gpa “put me in difficulty. When it comes to the rights of couples that come before those of children, although I am very open, I cannot agree”. But she was the Pd’s candidate for the presidency of Sicily: “Another element that led me to question my permanence. As a non-member, I had given my willingness to run – she observes – but then I didn’t even have the support of all the Democratic Party”. With Minister Tajani “we have known and respected each other since 2014. There has always been a relationship of great collaboration, very positive and yes, we have talked to each other lately”.