Meritocracy Italy, Congress ‘Artificial politics’ begins. The forms of representativeness

27 and 28 October at the Teatro Manzoni in Rome

The. is now upon us Fifth National Congress of Meritocracy Italy, which will take place on 27 and 28 October at the Teatro Manzoni in Rome. Always in search of the politics of truth, for this edition the Movement aims to discuss the drift of a world made of artificial relationships, attention to the superfluous, and continuous mystification of information aimed at discrediting others in order to gain the upper hand, emerge and gain consensus. On the conference day on Friday, the main party representatives will discuss with the leaders of Meritocracy, including Michele Gubitosa (M5S), Lorenzo Casa (UDC), Debora Serracchiani (PD), Alessandro Cattaneo (Forza Italia), Francesco Urraro (Lega ), Ylenia Lucaselli (Brothers of Italy) and Fabrizio Marrazzo (Gay LGBT party). In the second session, “The relationship between rights and duties without participation” will be discussed by Flavio Briatore, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, former Minister of Agriculture, Al-fonso Bonafede, former Minister of Justice, Martin Nkafu Nkemkia, philosopher and theologian of the Pontifical University , Aldo Patriciello, MEP, Giuseppe Spadaro, President of the Juvenile Court of Trento, Pino Gesmundo, Confederal Secretary CGIL, Edoardo Colombo, expert in digital transformation of tourism for the public administration and businesses, Lorenzo Vanni, entrepreneur .

On the sidelines of the two sessions, other equally illustrious speakers will discuss each other in two distinct thematic corners dedicated to “Young Didives – CREATING prospects” and “The faces of sustainability”. All with the moderation of RAI journalists Daniele Rotondo and Attilio Romita, and television presenter Claudia Conte. The conclusions will be entrusted, as usual, to the National President Walter Mauriello. “We are at our fifth Congress and we await this event with great emotion. We are ready to share the results of another year of work – declares the President – We cannot remain indifferent to the cultural drift of the moment; we must act immediately to avoid lose our humanity altogether.”

“The uncontrolled technological takeover makes us gain speed – continues the president -, but we end up settling for second-hand knowledge, information created in the laboratory, to direct thoughts, pilot choices, divide and control the masses. We all suffer passively reality, too tired for independent thought. Even politics seems to be concentrated exclusively on electoral strategies, without regard for the contents, without planning effort, without loyalty to the reported purposes, without respect for the trust of citizens, helpless spectators. And this is not freedom. Therefore we want to promote discussion, bringing together different sensitivities around a common table, to demonstrate that, with dialogue and study, it is possible to reverse the course. We are in a moment of destructuring and reconstruction, towards true progress But we need everyone’s help. We can’t succeed alone.” It will also be possible to follow the work on all Meritocracy Italia social channels.